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We Love Cars

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We take pride in our great customer service

At Audley Motor Accessories we take pride in our great customer service and we sell great parts and accessories. With over 25 years of experience in the business, we will offer you reliable advice! Our friendly staff will be happy to guide you to choose the right part for your car.

Car Parts

We supply you with quality parts from only the best and reliable brands in the industry. Most items are held and readily available in stock, and anything that is not will be ordered for you.


We have an impressive selection of accessories including car mats, air fresheners and valeting supplies. We believe that a car deserves the love and attention just like any of your other personal items, so we have an entire range of accessories to personalise your car and give it that extra oomph!


So you've bought your parts and accessories - we don't leave you to fend on your own! We will even visit your car if it is parked near our premises - whether it's to determine if that is really the best part for your car or for something as simple as helping you to fit a light bulb or check your car battery. We go the extra mile for you.